Updating Personal Information: Contact Info

This guide will cover:

  • Accessing and updating Contact Info including address, phone number and setting primary contact info.

This guide details the steps for completing this process using Employee WyoCloud access.  Note: If you do not see the features described in this guide, your assigned WyoCloud training is likely incomplete.  This training is available within HCM under My Profile > Learning > Required Learning.


Step One                                                                           

  • Upon accessing the WyoCloud homepage from WyoWeb, navigate to Personal Information using the Navigator bar.

  • First click My Profile to expand, then Personal Information.


Step Two

  • Once at the Personal Information page, click Contact Info.

  • In the Communication section is your phone and email contacts.  These can be updated and/or added by using the pencil icons and Add button.

It is critical for proper function of WyoCloud that your UW email address remain your primary email contact on this page.  This is noted through a blue check mark to the left of the listing.

  • In the Addresses section, four different addresses will display, Home, Mailing, Work, and Resident Tax Address. You must always have these four addresses. You will only update the Home, Mailing, and sometimes Work Address. If you have questions or need help updating your addresses, please email records@uwyo.edu.
    • Home and Mailing Addresses should list your personal address. These can be different if you have separate addresses. 
    • Work Address for benefited employees should list your official university address. The work address for non-benefited employees will always be the main university address.
  • Click the pencil icon to the right of each address to edit it.
    • When entering an address, please abbreviate all street labels, do not use punctuation, and list apartment/unit numbers in the first address line.


100 W. Gold Street            should be          100 W Gold St Apt 204

Apartment 204

The address with a blue checkmark to the left is your primary address. This address is the one that will be used for HR/Payroll mailings, such as paychecks.  The primary address can be changed on the edit screen of the address.

Resident Tax Address should never be changed/deleted as it is used by Payroll.

You have now completed Updating Personal Information: Contact Info.

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