Services related to creating, updating, changing permissions, and deleting websites that are not directories within the Omni content management system (CMS). If you are unsure whether or not you have an Omni CMS site, please continue using this service.

Services (8)

I would like a new DNS Site

Request a new DNS Site

New Web Directory Request

Please submit this request if you would like to request a new website directory. This can be for an entirely new directory, a change from a central (non-CMS) site to a CMS site, or a change from a CMS site to a central (non-CMS) site.

Website Decommission Request

Request a non-cms website be decommissioned.

Change Website Permissions

Changing permissions for non-CMS websites

I am having trouble with my website.

Requesting help when you're having a trouble with your website

I need to create, modify, or delete a website.

Creating, modifying, or deleting university purposed websites

I want to redirect web traffic.

Request website traffic be redirected

I want to change my website space quota.

Request a change to website space quota