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The steps in this guide apply when a Decentralized Human Resources Representative (DHR) terminates an employee within their Area of Responsibility (AOR) by ending an active assignment.
How to use Manage Direct Reports to complete manager changes.
The steps in this guide apply when a Decentralized Human Resources Representative (DHR) submits details requesting a change to an active position.
The steps to completing various assignment changes on employees within your Area of Responsibility. In WyoCloud many key transactions are classified as assignment changes, including changing working hours, and adding assignments (i.e.: adding on call or overtime assignment). See step three for a full list of assignment changes available to DHR.
The basic steps needed to make permanent salary changes for employees within your area of responsibility. Salary is an individual’s base pay (not any type of additional or supplemental pay). The primary reasons for you to use the manage salary feature is to initiate a salary increase for a non-benefited employee.
This guide will cover the steps required to make employee compensation changes as a DHR. Individual compensation is defined as supplemental or additional pay beyond one’s salary wages. Common types of individual compensation awards include temporary increases and supplemental pay.
This guide details the steps to request a new or terminal leave position number.
Locating Human Resources dashboards and reports available to Decentralized Human Resources Representatives (DHR) within Reports and Analytics.
Using person management to locate employees within your assigned area of responsibility. This is the first step to completing many transactions as a decentralized human resources representative. Area of responsibility is section of the UW organizational tree in which you can see and process transactions against.
This guide will cover recording benefited employees currently working flexible work locations and/or schedules. Prior an employee’s assignment being updated, employees must first establish a flexible working agreement with their supervisor. These agreements must follow the Flexible Work Agreement Policy.