Employee Search in Person Management - DHR

This guide will cover:

  • Using Person Management to locate employees within your assigned Area of Responsibility.  This is the first step to completing many transactions as a Decentralized /human Resources Representative (DHR).
  • Area of Responsibility is a section of the UW organizational tree in which you can see and process transactions against.

This guide details the steps for completing this process using Decentralized Human Resources Representative WyoCloud access.


Step One

  • Upon logging into WyoCloud from WyoWeb, navigate to My Workforce using the Navigator bar in the upper left corner.

  • First click My Workforce to expand, then select Person Management within the navigator.


Step Two

Locate the employee for whom the change is needed.

  • The Person Management: Search page will display.  Here you can search for all employees within your Area of Responsibility.
  • To search, enter at least one of the fields marked with a double asterisk (**).  Name or Person Number are recommended. 
  • To search for previous employees, check the Include terminated work relationships box and adjust the Effective As-of Date.
  • Click Search.

  • Once the desired employee is located, click their name from the search results to open the Person Management: Employment Page.

  • After clicking on the employee’s name, the Person Management: Employment page will be displayed.


Multiple Assignments

If the employee appears on the search results multiple times, they have multiple assignments.  There are a few ways you can confirm which assignment you are opening.

  • Begin by looking at the Department and Job columns to narrow down the results.  For example, Employee1 in the screenshot below has two assignments but in two different departments.  So you can use department to easily identify the assignment in your department.

  • You can also add additional columns to the search results.  Once a column is added, it remains on the search results until you remove it. 
  • To add a column, click View then Columns. Here you can see the full list of available columns, check the box to the left of the column name to add it to the Search Results.

  • You can also confirm the assignment details by clicking on one from the search results.  This opens the Person Management: Employment page where the full details of the assignment can be reviewed.


Toggling Between Assignments

  • From the Person Management: Employment page, you can move between assignments without returning to the search results by using the toggle icon.


This completes the steps to locating employees in Person Management.

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