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How to enter new costing for a current Graduate Assistant (GA).
This guide will cover how to add additional payment methods or edit existing payment methods for payroll/paychecks.
How to view and edit your W-4 for tax withholding from your paycheck.
How to enter a costing correction for a current Graduate Assistant (GA). This process should only be used to correct costing on pay which has already been paid out to the employee.
How to approve payroll costing changes as well as corrections (payroll expenditure corrections). Approving using email or reviewing your pending approvals in the Payroll Costing dashboard.
How to access the electronic version of your W-2.
How to view payslips/paystubs for all completed payroll periods to view all details contributing to a paycheck such as gross pay, net pay and deductions.
Accessing and updating your document delivery preferences for payroll documents such as your W-2. This allows you to elect for documents to be delivered electronically. Electronic delivery of documents such as your W-2 allow you to access them more quickly than mailed copies.