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Direct Deposit Setup

This guide will cover:

  • Setting up your direct deposit information for reimbursements and cash advances.

Note: If you have delegated submission of your expense report, the delegate will not be able to view or edit your direct deposit information.


Step One

  • Upon signing in, this home page will display. Click on the Navigator button in the top left-hand corner. The Navigator is where you can find links directing you to all of the modules and pages that you have security access to.  To setup your direct deposit for reimbursements, go to About Me section and click Expenses.

  • The Travel and Expenses page will display.
  • Select the Task menu to view the task menu options.
  • Select the Manage Bank Accounts to display the Manage Bank Accounts page.


Step Two

  • Select the plus sign (+) to add a bank account for your direct deposit.

  • A Create Bank Account window displays.
  • Complete the follow fields:
    • Country – defaults to United States
    • Account Number – enter your bank account number
    • Account Type – select one from the drop down (checking, saving, money market)
    • Account Holder – this defaults to your login name
    • Bank – Enter the financial instituion name
    • Bank Branch – enter the location of the financial institution
    • Routing Transit Number – enter the routing number for your financial institution
    • Active – check this box make this an active direct deposit account
  • Click Save and Close.

  • The newly created direct deposit bank account is listed on the Manage Bank Accounts page.
  • Click Done.


You have now completed the steps to Setup Direct Deposit.

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