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Setting up the first use of Pulse Secure for Windows Computers.
Directions on deleting and adding outlook accounts. Useful for trying to fix issues in outlook.
Installation files for the Pulse Secure VPN client
Directions on how to sign out on the new Windows 10 Lab system
A guide to clearing out the java cache on a Windows 7 / 10 computer.
Instructions on how to remote into a windows computer from a mac.
Install SAS JMP Pro v.12 Windows Installation from the UW Network
Windows 10 represents a major revision of the client operating system; one major change is how we browse and experience the Internet. Windows 10 will include a new web browser called Microsoft Edge. This will be the new default web browser in Windows 10, replacing the well known Internet Explorer which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2015. Even though Microsoft will be the default web browser in Windows 10, Internet Explorer will still be around for legacy purposes. In this article, we ta
If you need to send the information in the full headers of an email message (to report possible phishing or spam, for example):
Information on supported methods for accessing my UW Exchange email
Information on how to manually install Webroot for a UW owned computer
Information on having your server participate in Windows Server Update Service
Through the Microsoft Campus Agreement, the University of Wyoming (UW) provides the latest versions of Microsoft Office (for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems) for UW-owned computers
Information on finding out if your computer is on the domain