Delete and Re-add Outlook Account (Windows)


Sometimes deleting and re-adding an outlook account is the best route of action when trying to fix and resolve problems.


1. In outlook, go to File

2. Once there select Account Settings --> Account settings

3. Before we can delete the account, we will need to make a backup of your outlook data file. Go to Data Files then select your email and click Add.

4. It will default to the correct path so just select ok from here. 

5. Once it has been created, go back to the E-mail tab and select your email and click Delete.

6. It will ask if you want to continue. We already backed everything up, so select Yes.

7.Once we have deleted the account, let's re-add it. Select New.

8. Fill out the necessary information then select Next.

9. It will then search for email, once found it will add it automatically and you're finished.

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