Deploying Windows Using SCCM

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  1. In BIOS, enabling PXE.  System Configuration –integrated NIC –Enabled w/PXE
  2. Reboot computer, tape F12, Start with Onboard NIC
  3. The password is: – Password can be obtained from a DSU Consultant.


4. Choose the operating system you wish to install.

5. A new dialogue pops up asking for you to provide a value for OSDComputerName, double click it.

*This will only happen if the computer has never been seen by SCCM/Domain if you need to remove a computer SCCM so that you can change the name during this process put a ticket into the SCCM team*

6. Type the computer name in the “value” field and add the computer to the domain via the IT Admin page.

7. Confirm that the value is saved. Click next. The process begins…. It will take 45 minutes - 1 hour, depends your network connections in your building.

8. Login with a standard account and use your –da credentials when prompted for admin credentials.


  1. If you enable administrator account or added a user to administrator group, the accounts will be disabled in 90 minutes. For user needs to be added into admin group, please install system with DVD.

  1. You will need to do a first troubleshoot when you see anything wrong during an imaging. Such as a network problem, hardware problem, etc.  Anything than that, please send a ticket to SCCM team. It is at :

  1. When you have a new model of laptop or desktop that IT purchase department doesn’t aware of, please download drivers into a shared folder, it is at: \\uw-bulk\sccm-campus$\Dropbox and make a ticket for SCCM team.
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