Employee Termination

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This guide will cover:

  • Completing a termination by ending an assignment for an employee within your area of responsibility. 


This guide details the steps for completing this process using Supervisor/Manager WyoCloud access.

If the employee needing termination is a supervisor, you must change their direct reports to another individual to ensure proper processing of approvals prior to completing termination. See Changing Employee’s Manager Quick Reference Guide.

Step One

  • Navigate to My Team using the Navigator bar.

  • To find My Team you go to: Navigator > My Team > My Team.


Step Two

  • From the My Team page, locate the employee you are processing the termination on.
    • Below the employee’s name, click the Action Arrow.  Then, under Personal and Employment, click Terminate.


Only complete a termination as a manager/supervisor when you are certain the employee only has one assignment as it terminates the entire work relationship with UW. 

Work with the Decentralized Human Resources Representative (DHR) in your area to process terminations on employees with multiple assignments.



Step Three

Complete the Terminate Work Relationship screen.

  • The following fields are required under Termination Details:
    • Action: select most appropriate reason from drop down
    • Reason: select most appropriate reason from drop down
    • Notification Date/Termination Date/Last Working Day (Termination and Last Working Day should match)
    • Employer Comments: For benefited employees indicate if employee would like terminal leave or lump sum.
    • Attachments: attach copy of resignation letter and for benefited employees the Termination Leave Option form must be attached.

  • The User Access section indicates if the user’s WyoCloud and other IT access should be revoked after termination or immediately.  In most cases after termination should be selected. Immediately should only be selected when the termination was for cause and all systems access should be removed immediately.  The IT Application Security Office should also be contacted.
  • Under Rehire Recommendation, use the drop down to indicate if you would recommend the employee for rehire.  Please consult with Human Resources if you feel no should be selected. 
    • Much like providing an employment referral, the Recommendation for Rehire helps the HR department in following up on information for rehiring past employees.  Typically, if someone is discharged for cause or provided very poor performance, you will want to provide this feedback to future possible hiring managers. Clicking No does not prevent the person from being rehired in the future, but allows the recruiter to gather importing decision making information on the candidate.  The system will ask for your name so the recruiter knows who to contact.


Step Four

  • After all information is completed, select Review from the top of the page.

  • Once you have reviewed and made sure all the information is correct, click Submit.

You have completed the steps for employee termination.

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