Manually Install Webroot for Windows

Note: In order to install Webroot, all other anitvirus applications must be uninstalled.

Note: Webroot is intended for University owned computers only

Note: To install WebRoot on a UW computer off campus, you will need to log into and start Junos Pulse. Then follow the instructions below.

Install Webroot Manually

  1. Make sure that all other antivirus applications have been uninstalled from your computer.

  2. Click the Start menu button and in the Search programs and files box type \\uwapps\AntiVirus\WebRoot-Installers and press enter

  1. Open the folder for your respective computer

  1. Double click C8FDGSMT763BF6194A93.exe

Note: You may or may not be asked for admin credentials. If you are asked, enter the admin username and password for the computer

  1. Once Webroot installation is complete, a scan will take place.


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