Manually Install Webroot for Mac

Note: In order to install Webroot, all other anitvirus applications must be uninstalled.

Note: Webroot is intended for University owned computers only

Install Webroot Manually

  1. Make sure that all other antivirus applications have been uninstalled from your computer. 
  2. Go to Go and select Connect to Server.

  1. In the server address bar type: smb://uwapps and click connect.

  1. Find and click on AntiVirus.

  1. Select the MAC folder and click on wsamasme.dmg

(Note: Do not close this window as you will need the text file in a later step)

  1. This will open Webroot SecureAnywhere. You will want to click on the Webroot icon.

  1. Select the language that you would like Webroot installed in and click Next.

  1. The next screen willl now ask you for a character keycode.

To find the keycode that you need to enter go back to the MAC folder and select MAC install Key.txt. This will have the keycode that you need to enter in order to complete the download of Webroot. Enter the keycode and hit Agree and Install.

  1. Webroot will now install and start a scan on your computer.

  1. Drag Webroot SecureAnywhere into recycle bin.

If you would like to open Webroot at a later date it is now on the top right hand side of your monitor.

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