Entering New Costing for Current Graduate Assistants

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This guide details the steps for completing this process using Payroll Costing WyoCloud access. This access requires completion of WyoCloud Payroll Costing training which is assigned to DHRs and Cost Center Approvers.

This process should only be used to change costing for the current period and going forward.  Use a costing correction to correct costing which has already been paid.

Costing changes follow the same payroll transaction deadlines as other types of transactions.  These deadlines can be found in the Payroll Deadlines Calendar.

If additional position and/or manager changes are needed for the GA (i.e.: changing from GTA to GRA), the costing transaction must be fully completed BEFORE making the other changes in HCM.  Any changes made in HCM when a costing transaction is mid-workflow will cause the transaction to fail and become stuck.


Step One

Navigate to the Payroll section of WyoCloud HCM from WyoWeb.

  • Upon signing in, the homepage will display. Click on the Navigator button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Click on Payroll to expand, then click on Costing.

  • Enter eeik under Enter your Identify Domain.
  • CHECK THE BOX next to Remember my choice to bypass this screen in the future.
  • Click Go.


Step Two

To create new costing for a continuing GA, ensure you are on the New Costing tab.  This tab will display previously submitted costing.

  • Click Create Costing.

  • Search for the Graduate Assistant whom the new costing is needed.  Do this by inputting the employee’s Person Number, Legal Name (Display Name) or W Number.  As you type any one of these into the appropriate field, the system will search for the employee.  When the appropriate employee appears, you must click the correct search result from the drop down.

  • After the employee is selected, the page will populate with the employee’s current assignment and costing information.
  • Ensure the Graduate Assistant position is selected by reviewing the Assignment and Position fields.  Use the Assignment or Position drop downs to change to the Graduate Assistant assignment if needed.

  • Select the appropriate Stipend Source from the drop down.
  • Indicate the GA’s Effort (Full, Half, or 3/4) from the drop down.

  • Employee’s current costing is displayed in the lower portion of the page. 
  • Click Add GA Costing to add new costing.

  • On the Costing Details page, use the Costing Detail Type drop down to select the type of costing you’d like to add.

You will need to repeat this process for each type of costing you need to change.  For example if you need to add Stipend and Tuition and Fees, you’ll complete the Cost Details page two times.

  • In this example, we will add stipend.

  • Select the appropriate semester(s) from the Fiscal Year drop down.
  • Add the total amount of the GA’s stipend in the Total Stipend Amount field. 
  • Indicate what percentage of their total stipend amount will be paid from this costing.  If the costing will be split between multiple accounts, the form must be completed multiple times until the total costing adds up to 100%.
  • Add the Effective Start/End Dates of this costing.   This should be the start of the academic semester and final day of the last month of the semester. If the costing is paid from a grant (project), then the Effective End Date must be no later than the final day of the grant.

  • Select if the costing is going to be paid via a Project (grant) by toggling the Yes/No box.
  • Input the full costing GL string or Project information.

It is required to complete all segments of the GL string, including Program and Activity.  The system will validate that the account string is valid and produce an error if it is not.  When entering a Project, the department will auto populate.  This is the department the project is tied to in WyoCloud and must not be changed.

  • If desired, comments can be added specific to this costing.
  • Click Save and Create Another if an additional costing needs to be entered for the employee (ie: to reach full 100% of the costing).
  • Click Save if this is the final costing that is needed to be entered.

  • After saving, the newly created costing(s) will appear above the Add GA Costing button. 
  • If additional GA Costing is needed to be added, click the Add GA Costing button again.
  • Once all costing for an individual has been entered, click Save.

  • Once all costing has been entered, click Submit.

  • A pop up will appear for you to confirm it is ready for approvals.  Upon clicking OK the transaction will route to the Cost Center Approver for the specific organization used.  If multiple organizations are used, it will route to the cost center approvers for all organizations.


You have completed the steps to Entering New Costing for a Current GA.

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