Payroll Time Entries Approvals (Salary Emergency Leave with Pay) - Manager

This guide will cover:

  • Approving time cards which include Salary Emergency Leave with Pay used in relationship to COVID-19.  The first date in which Salary Emergency Leave with Pay can be taken is March 15th, the final date the code will be available is April 30th, 2020.
  • This Quick Reference Guide focuses specifically on things to review when this time reporting code is used.  For more general guidance on time card approvals, including when employees have multiple assignments, see the Approving Time Cards Quick Reference Guide.

This guide details the steps for completing this process using Supervisor/Manager WyoCloud access.

Both salaried exempt and non-exempt benefited employees will utilize the time card in HCM to record Salary Emergency Leave with Pay as outlined in the University of Wyoming’s COVID-19 FAQsEmployees can use this code for a maximum of 80 consecutive hours.


Step One

  • Upon signing in, this home page will display. Click on the bell icon in the top right corner.

  • Once the bell icon is selected, a Notifications tab will display with the most recent Notifications.  It is recommended that you select Show All to view all items pending your action.

  • The Notifications page will display with a full list of worklist items. Click on the title of a time card notification to open full details.
    • All time card approvals will be titled “Approval of Payroll Entries for XX Name from XX Date Range.”

  • If you do not see the time card approval from the Notifications page, you may need to access the BPM Worklist by clicking on Worklist in the upper right corner. This will open a list of pending approvals in a pop up window.

  • The approval details will display in a pop up window (ensure pop ups are enabled on your web browser).


Step Two

Review your employee’s time entries.

  • The employee’s time submitted for approval opens in a new pop-up with the following information:
  1. Details:
    • Assignee: your name
    • From: Employee whose time you are approving
    • Assigned Date: date and time submitted
    • Task Number: system assigned approval number
  2. Payroll Time Entries for Approval
    • Person Information: If the employee has multiple assignments, this will always be the primary assignment, no matter if it is the assignment you supervise.
  • Name
  • Assignment Number
  • Position
  • Location
  • Person Number
  • Job
  • Department
  • Manager
  1. Time Card Details
    • Time Card Period: Bi-weekly pay period in which the dates fall.
    • Overtime Periods: Indicates that potential overtime is calculated on a weekly basis.
    • Status: this will display submitted until you take action on the timecard.
    • Resubmission Status
    • Time Card Comments / Resubmission Reason: Optional comments entered by the employee.
  2. Reported Time: Time per day as reported by the employee.  As you review, confirm the following as it relates to entering Salary Emergency Leave with Pay:
    • The first day in which the code is available for use is March 15, 2020, the final day is April 30, 2020.
    • A maximum of 80 total hours using the time reporting code Salary Emergency Leave with Pay has been entered.  If an employee should need time beyond the 80 hours, their own Paid Time Off (PTO) should be used.  Salary Emergency Leave with Pay can only be used once.
    • Hours recorded using this code are consecutive. For example, they aren’t using the leave one day, but reporting regular hours (or no hours if exempt) the next day they would have been scheduled to work.
    • The employee meets all the requirements to use this code as outlined in the UW COVID-19 FAQs including previously notifying you of illness and/or high risk status.  No doctor’s note is required prior to using the code, however a doctor’s note is required prior to returning to work.

Below is an example of what a time approval notice looks like for a salaried employee who has entered only Salary Emergency Leave with Pay during a specific pay period.


Step Three

Approve employee’s time.

If you find error’s with the employee’s time, it is recommended to us the Actions > Request More Information functionality.   See the general WyoCloud Approvals Process Quick Reference Guide for more details on how to take this action.

  • Return to the top of the approvals window and click Approve to approve the transaction.


You have now completed the steps of Approving Time Cards with Salary Emergency Leave with Pay.

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