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Each semester all enrolled students who have domain accounts are provided a $7.50 print credit. Faculty and staff do not receive a printing allotment, but can purchase print credit in the Information Technology Center.
The following is a step-by-step procedure on how to restore files on,, and warehouse that are stored on the Isilon storage cluster.
Definitions for Student Reporting Dashboards
Transferring files from a Flash Drive to the UW Student Remote Lab System
Information on how student employees should send emails
Information about faculty/staff accessing UW email in student labs
Information on printing from a UW student lab via UW Wireless Network
Information on connecting to your website remotely (outside of the University of Wyoming Campus Networks) to edit your student site
Information about the size of student storage
Information on the quota for a student site
Information about naming your default document
How to look up information in the Student Records portion of WyoWeb
Information for advisers on how to view student profiles with new changes
Information about the drive map location
Information on how to connect on a Mac to UWStudent and Classfiles storage