Connect to UWStudent and Classfiles Storage with a Mac


Mac users who want to map a drive or have direct access to their UWStudent storage can follow the instructions below. Direct access would be via UWyo wireless, or an on campus wired connection.


If you are off campus, please connect to the UW network with Ivanti Secure before doing these steps.

  1. In Finder, select Go and then Connect to Server or press Cmd+K

    Finder Go window

  2. In the Connect to Server window, type  smb://$/folders

    Screen shot of connect to server for macs using studentfiles

  3. Note: cifs:// may be used instead of smb://
  4. After selecting Connect, you will see a status window followed by a Login prompt. Enter your UW credentials into the appropriate fields. Name:, where username is your UW domain username, Password: is your UW/Wyoweb password.

    Authentication window

  5. After successfully entering your credentials, you should see a window and desktop icon labeled folders.

    screen shot of mac folder showing mapped drive contents

    Note: The icon may not appear on your desktop depending on your machine‚Äôs settings.

Classfiles Storage:

Follow the same procedure as for UWStudent Storage, but use the following address:


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