How to Connect to the UWStudent Remote Lab system

1. Go to and click on the link "VDesktop - Remote Lab System"

Remote Lab Page screen shot

2.  You will be presented with the option of installing the VMWare Horizon Client or accessing via HTML.  For fast and immediate access you will want to select "VMWare Horizon HTML Access" 

Client Access description page - VMWare client or HTML access

3.  When prompted, log in using your UWyo domain account and password.  Leave the domain as *DefaultDomain*.

4.  Once logged in you will be presented with the available Remote Lab Pools.  Unless you are in a class with a specific remote lab requirement, you will select "UWStudent Lab System"

Selection of Remote Lab Pool

4.  Once you click on the Remote Lab pool you will be logged in and will have access to the computer and available software. 

5. Once you are done with the session, Sign Out of the lab node and then close the browser to disconnect the Horizon session.  

If you encounter any problems, please email 




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