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Change your UW Password (From a UW owned Computer)


Your UW account is the account that you use to access WyoWeb, UW email and to log on to your UW office computer or the UWSTUDENT lab computers. Therefore, changing your UW domain account password will change it for all of these services at once.

IMPORTANT: see reasons your UW account could be automatically locked, how to correct the problem and how to avoid it.

For faculty, staff and students, changing a password can be done at a campus computer, online (click here) or by calling the IT Help Desk at 307 766-HELP (4357), Option 1, during normal business hours.


Changing Your UW Password from a UW Owned Computer

NOTE: This method can only be completed from a UW domain computer (i.e. your on campus UW office computer or a UWSTUDENT lab computer that is WINDOWS BASED).

  1. Log onto a UW domain computer with your current UW domain username and password. 
  2. Once logged on, press CTRL+ALT+DEL.
  3. In the Windows Security window, click Change a password.


  4. In the Change Password window, in the Username box, Make sure UWYO\ appears before your username.


  5. In the Change Password window, in the Old Password box, type the password you are currently using.


  6. In the New Password box, type the password you would like to start using.


  7. In the Confirm New Password box, type your new password again and click the circular arrow button to continue.


  8. Once the message stating your password has been changed appears, click OK. Log off of the computer, and log back in with your new password.



When changing your UW Password there are a few things to keep in mind:

Password Strength

A strong password is your first and best line of defense. Please be aware that simple passwords like common words, names or dates, while easy to remember, are insecure and could put your account at risk. Moreover, weak passwords could expose not just your data, but any UW information and/or services you have access to. Remember, it's not just the value of what you do or don't have, but what can be done in your name.

For more information on creating a strong password please visit CSI:UW Episode 2.


Changing Your UW Password Could Result in Being Locked Out of Your Account

When changing your password it is important to remember that your previous passwords will be made invalid. This is important because most people have cell phones, tablets, computers and/or computer programs that access UW Domain resources such as e-mail, UW WiFi, or Warehouse networked storage. Once changed your password will need to be re-entered into any service or device connected to UW resources. If these device passwords are not updated they will continue to attempt, and fail, to authenticate to the UW Domain. This will result in your account being automatically locked for too many failed authentication attempts.

Unlocking Faculty, Staff and UW Employed student accounts requires calling the UW IT Help Desk at 307 766-HELP (4357). As part of the unlock process Help Desk staff may guide you through changing the password entry on your device and/or will confirm that your password has been updated to prevent additional lockouts.

The most common cause of automatic lockouts following password changes comes from smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc) and tablet (iPad, Nexus, Amazon Fire, etc) devices attempting to connect to UW WiFi or check UW email. To resolve these issues, it may be necessary to update your password in more than one area of the device settings. For example, properly updating a password on an iPhone or Android phone will require updating the WiFi password; email, calendar and contacts password(s); and the passwords used by any third party Apps.

If you have any additional questions please contact the UW IT Help Desk at 307 766-HELP (4357).


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