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How to add UW Canon Secure Print Copiers to a Domain connected windows PC or non-domain/personal windows PC.
How to add UW Canon Secure Print Copiers to a Mac device.
How to Connect to Canon Copiers/SecurePrint on Linux (Ubuntu)
How to install the LabVIEW software
Download, Install, and Activate Mathematica for faculty, staff, and students
Oracle Install - version 12C
Because of the lack of Java support across browsers, it is recommended that clients using WebNow should open up WebNow in Internet Explorer. The following instructions includes information on how to install Java for Internet Explorer (IE), how to enable Java in IE, and how to test if browser currently has Java. These instructions are necessary if WebNow does not appear in IE.
Manually set up Outlook 2013
Information on how to install OneDrive for Business on a Mac
Information on when installations are blocked on a Mac
Configure the Canvas by Instructure Mobile App
Install Respondus 4.0 from the UW Network