Adding UW Canon Secure Print Copiers to a Mac

For Mac devices there is a little more setup. (Macs need to be running at least Big Sur 11.7.7, Monterrey, Ventura, or higher Operating System before you add it via this method. Macs running Catalina - (No longer supported) or earlier versions of Big Sur have software incompatibilities with the print server.)  For users who do not want to upgrade to the latest OS their system supports such as Ventura or Monterrey you can just search for Big Sur in the apple app store and only download/install the last update of 11.7.7 for big sur.

The UW IT help desk can assist if needed at ( A video tutorial on the install/setup is also available here.

*For the Copier services website and FAQ please visit.

*For information on first time log in at the copier and linking your WyoOne ID for quick access please click here. To request an upgraded WyoOne card or new Card please click here.


  1. First, download and then make sure to install the cannon universal drivers from their support site for the model of your device (such as the Canon 3835i). Make sure to run the download from the downloads folder after the download completes and follow the wizard for installing the drivers.
  2. Make sure to select your Mac Operating System and then select the latest recommend driver as seen below.




  1. Next from the launch pad – search for System Preferences
  2. Open the Printers & Scanners control panel


  1. Within Printers & Scanners, click the +(plus) button at the bottom of the list of printers to add a new printer.
  2. In the Add window, click the Advanced option in the menu bar.
  3. (If you do not see the Advanced option, right-mouse click on the bar, choose Customize Toolbar and drag the advanced option up and onto the menu bar, click Done.)



  1. For Type select Windows printer via Spools
  2. Device: Another Device
  3. For the URL: smb://print-rps-2/SecurePrint-2
  4. Then give it a descriptive name and location if desired.

  1. Under use - select the Canon Universal Driver you previously installed for that model of copier. Then select add to finish setting up the printer on a Mac.
  2. You may then be presented with a selection of accessories for the printer.
  3. These options may be left unselected in order to continue with the install, but they may remove some extra options/features. If accessory model numbers are available, please select them here.

  1. Select OK and the printer will be added with whatever name you specified. The first time you go to print it will ask for you UW credentials. ** Make sure to clear out what is autofilled and use your actual UW username (it will auto fill in your computer username by default which will not work if it is not exactly the same as your uwusername), Also do not use an alias such as first.lastname. (username is case sensitive) then select "remember this password in my keychain" so you do not have to log in for future print jobs.
  2. When you log in at the copier to release sent print jobs you have to select/press the secure print button after loggin in to see the actual queue and select and release print jobs.


* If the printer says paused and has a yellow status light it means the wrong credentials were saved in the key chain such as the system username and not youruwusername. That saved credential entry for that printer name in the key chain manager would need to be deleted so the right UWusername and password can be saved. The printer would also need to be removed and re-added as it will not work in a paused state.  The UW helpdesk can assist with doing that at if help is needed.

** To learn more about the first time log in at the copier and linking your WyoOne ID for quick access please click here.


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