How to Connect to Canon Copiers/SecurePrint on Linux (Ubuntu)

Due to the nature of Linux we cannot provide guides for every Linux distribution, however steps should be very similar to this guide on how to connect with Ubuntu 20.04

*For information on first time log in at the copier and linking your WyoOne ID for quick access please click here. To request an upgraded WyoOne card or new Card please click here.

*For the Copier services website and FAQ please visit.


1.) To use the windows based print server for the Canon copiers Samba and a SMB client will need to be installed. To install the samba package, run the following command in your terminal:


sudo apt install samba


2.) Next, install an smbclient in that same terminal window by performing the following command:


sudo apt install smbclient


3.) After SAMBA and the SMB client are installed open the Settings application and select the “Printers” option, then click the “Additional Printer Settings…” button

Followed by the “Add” button in the top-left of the printer settings pop-up window


4.) Next expand the “Network Printer” option and select the “Windows Printer via SAMBA” option. Enter the full print server and printer name using the following syntax:



5.) Check the “Set authentication details now” bubble and input your UW username and password. (username is case sensitive)

You will need to prefix your UW username with\youruwusername


6.) After inputting your credentials click the “Forward” button

Leave the default options on the following screen and click the “Forward” button



7.) Select Generic “Postscript” from the list on the left-hand side and click the “Forward” button



8.) Enter a name for the printer that you will recognize Such as "SecurePrint" within the “Printer Name” section. The “Description” and “Location” fields are optional and not required. Click “Apply” Then printer will then be added.



9.) Try printing a test page to the newly added printer. (You will have to log in at device to release your job using the Secure Print option.)


*For information on first time log in at the copier and linking your WyoOne ID for quick access please click here.

** When you log in at the copier to release sent print jobs you have to select/press the secure print button after loggin in to see the actual queue and select and release print jobs.


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