LabVIEW Install Instructions (Windows only)


The University of Wyoming provides the NI LabView Software free to Engineering students.  To request access contact the  IT Help Desk at or 766-4357, option 1.  Once eligibility has been confirmed you will receive an email providing you with a Serial Number which can be used to complete and activate the install.  

You can see a list of the software and add-ons included here:


Go to and download the latest English version.

LabView download page

You may need to log in to download.  If you have an account, use that to login.  if not, go through the process to create the account.  You may need the Serial Number provided in the email when creating your account.  

Once downloaded, open the installer and click “Start”. YOU WILL NEED ADMIN ACCESS TO INSTALL THIS.

You will be presented with the licensing agreement, select "I accept..." and click Next.  

You may be presented to Disable Windows Fast Startup.  Click Next.  

You will be prompted to install the NI Package Manager.  Click Next.  

You will be presented with the products available to install.  Select the desired products and click Next

Image showing products available to install

You will be presented with additional items that you may wish to install to compliment the selected option.  Click Next.  

You will be presented with Licensing agreements.  Click on "I accept..." and then click Next.  (you may need to do this multiple times).

You will be presented with a window confirming what products to install.  Verify the products and click Next.  

The installation will proceed and may take several minutes to complete, depending on the number of products selected.  

You may be presented with a  request to participate in a customer experience improvement program.  Select your preference and click OK.

Once the install is complete, click Close

The first time you launch software you will be asked to login to activate the software.  Proceed with the login and activate the software.  

After logging in you will be presented with an activation option.  Select "Enter a serial number".  Use the Serial Number provided in the email to you.  

Lab View activation option window

Once you enter the serial number and click Activate, the program will launch.  


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