How to get a website name that is outside of the UW domain name scheme

To get a domain name that is outside of the UW domain name scheme (i.e. a Web site name that does not include ""),  

  1. Register the name of your choice with a valid domain name registrar. There are many domain name registrars out there, and since they all charge for their service, we cannot recommend any one registrar over another. This charge is above and beyond the UW IT fee. Doing an Internet search will provide quite a few options.
  2. Provide the domain name registrar that you choose with the UW DNS entries: (or if they will not accept the name) and (or if they will not accept the name).
  3. Once the name you have chosen has been registered with a domain name registrar, complete a UW Web site request form through the Central Web Site Management Requests site, and specify that the request is for a DNS hosted Web site in the Additional Comments section before submitting the request. To save time, you can also include the billing information in this section, which needs to include the following: 
    • Budget Number
    • Billing Coordinator Name
    • Billing Coordinator's Address
    • Billing Coordinator's Phone
    • Billing Coordinator's Email
    • Department as listed for Billing Coordinator
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