Performance Evaluation Approvals

This guide will cover:

  • How to review and approve/reject your team’s performance evaluations through My Team in WyoCloud.
  • How to review and approve/reject performance evaluations as a next level superisor through My Team in WyoCloud.

The performance evaluation approval process can also be completed through the Notification Bell as outlined in the Managing Administrative Annual Performance Evaluations and Managing Classified Staff Annual Performance Evaluations Quick Reference Guides.

This guide details the steps for completing this process using Supervisor/Manager and Basic Employee WyoCloud access.  Note: If you do not see the features described in this guide, your assigned WyoCloud training is likely incomplete.  This training is available within HCM under My Profile > Learning > Required Learning.


Step One                                                                           

  • Upon logging into WyoCloud from WyoWeb, navigate to My Team using the Navigator bar in the upper left corner.

  • First click My Team to expand, then My Team.


Step Two

  • The My Team page will display with the names of your direct reports/team members listed under the Workers section.

  • To review/approve a performance evaluation for a direct report, click the hyperlinked name of the employee whose evaluation you want to review and proceed to Step Three.

If you do not see all of your employees click the Load More Items link at the bottom right corner of the page.

  • If you are a next level supervisor and want to review a performance evaluation for one of your direct report’s employees, click the _directs hyperlink to the right of your direct report’s name.

  • This will open a list of your direct report’s team members. Locate the employee whose evaluation you want to review, and click on their hyperlinked name.

If the employee is several supervisors below you, you can continue the process of selecting the _directs hyperlink and reviewing supervisors’ teams until you locate the desired employee.

If you have gone too many supervisors down, you can return to a higher level by clicking the three dots next to Show Filters, then selecting the name of the supervisor whose team you want to view from the drop-down.

Step Three

  • The Employment Info page will display. Click Show More on the left side of the page.

  • Click Performance to open the Performance page.

  • The performance evaluation information will be displayed in the Performance Documents section.

Note: Make sure the review period is for the year you are evaluating. If not, select the correct review period from the drop-down.

Step Four

  • Review the full performance evaluation by clicking the Evaluation hyperlink.

  • The employee’s performance evaluation will display.

Step Five

  • To approve/reject the performance evaluation, click the See details hyperlink in the Your Approval is Required notice.

Note: If you do not want to review the full performance evaluation before approving/rejecting, the Your Approval is Required notice is also located on the Performance page directly above the Evaluation hyperlink.


  • The Evaluation Approval page will display. Click Approve or Reject in the top right corner.

This completes the process for Reviewing and Approving Performance Evaluations through My Team.

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