I want to get added to a distribution list.


The University of Wyoming offers an email distribution list hosting and management package called Mailman. Mailman offers a robust feature set and convenient web interface to manage lists. Below are some common tasks and their procedures. 

  1. Find a list's Information Page

    All advertised lists have an information page that is a link on the 
    Mailing List Overview page.

    Mailing list pages can be reached directly.  If the list you want to find is unadvertised, it will not be displayed on the Overview pages, but can be reached by replacing [list-name] in the link below with the name of the list whose page you want to find:

  2. Subscribe to a list
  3. Visit the list's information page at https://lists.uwyo.edu/mailman/listinfo/[list-name], replacing [list-name] with the name of the list.
  4. Under the Subscribing to [list-name] section, enter your information
  5. Click Subscribe

Available to

This is available to faculty, staff, and students.


If you you do not see your distribution list or are experiencing problems being added, please click "Request Help" for further assistance.