Manage Salary

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This guide will cover:

  • The basic steps needed to make permanent salary changes for employees within your area of responsibility.  Salary is an individuals' base pay (not any type of additional or supplemental pay).
  • The primary reasons for you to use the manage salary feature is to initiate a retention offer, an pre-approved equity adjustment or salary increases for non-benefited employees.

This guide details the steps for completing this process using Decentralized Human Resources Representative (DHR) WyoCloud access.


Step One

  • Navigate to My Workforce using the Navigator bar.

  • Select Person Management under the My Workforce header within the navigator.



Step Two

Locate the employee for whom the salary change is needed.

  • The Person Management: Search page will display.  Here you can search for all employees within your area of responsibility.
  • To search, enter at least one of the fields marked with a double asterisk (**).  Name or Person Number are recommended.  
  • Click Search.

  • Once the desired employee is located, click their name from the search results.


Step Three

The Manage Employment page will display.

  • Click the Task menu to the right of the page then Manage Salary.

  • The Manage Salary page will display. Click Propose New Salary on the right side of the page.

  • In the Propose New Salary pop up window, set an effective date for the change.  This effective date should be the start of a future month.
  • Select the Change Salary from the Action drop down. 
  • Select the appropriate reason from the Reason drop down.  In this example we are selecting Salary Increase (by amount).  Other reasons can also be selected based upon the situation.
  • Click Ok.

  • The New Salary section will open.  Enter the new Salary Amount

It is required for the Salary Amount entered to be divisible by 12.

  • Click Continue in the upper right corner.


Step Four

  • Ensure the information is correct under Review Salary.

  • It is required to add a justification for the salary change under Comments.  Relevant attachment(s) should also be added.  In either area, click the plus sign (+) to add comments or attachments.

  • The full approval workflow can be reviewed by expanding the Approvers section.

  • Click Submit to complete the transaction and begin approval workflow.


You have now completed Manage Salary.

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