Connect to UW Wireless Network from an iOS Device


If you have a UW account that has an active email address, it is best to connect to UWyo secure wireless. This will only require configuration once, as opposed to every time you want to connect. In addition, the connection will not time out like UW Guest and it is a more secure connection.

If you have a UW account

If you have a UW account, you can log into UWyo secure wireless. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use UWyo network.

 Tap on Settings, and choose Wifi. Tap on UWyo. When prompted, enter your UW username and password. This will connect you to UWyo secure wireless.



















Select Trust for the certificate.       




If you have do not have a UW account

If you do not have a UW account, you will want to connect to UW Guest. Tap on Settings and choose Wifi. Tap on UWguest (not the blue arrow on the right). This will connect you to UWguest.

The UW Guest portal will open and you will need to select an authentication method.

If you select the phone option, you will need to enter your phone number (10 digits with no separators such as -) and a provider and then select Continue

You will then get a text with a pin to enter and then select Continue.  You will then be connected to the UW Guest network.

If you need any help connecting to these networks, please contact the UWIT Help Desk at 766-4357, option 1 or by emailing                               

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If you have a UW account connect to UWyo wireless network. If you are a guest to UW use UWguest. If you are visiting from a participating institution use eduroam.
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