Redirecting Outlook email to another email account using Outlook Web App

Forwarding email sent to an Office 365 mailbox 

1. At the UW Web Email web page log into the Office 365 account you wish to forward email from.

2. Open the Gear icon/Settings menu in the upper right hand corner of the web page:

3. In the search box, type "forwarding" and click on the result:

4. With the Forwarding setting section open

  • First tick the box to enable/start forwarding
  • Second enter the destination address for your email
  • Third, optionally, keep a copy of forwarded messages. This means that your UW email account will retain copies of all messages forwarded to your other email account. If you do not wish to retain copies in your Exchange account, do not check the box.
  • Fourth, Save the changes

5. New emails going forward will be sent to your specified email account. This does not affect existing email.

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