Configure an Apple iOS device for your UW email account

Apple iOS devices may have different screen sizes and versions, your device’s screens may not exactly match the example screen shots.  Also note that Microsoft Outlook, an alternative email application, is available from the Apple App Store.

Many iOS devices are already configured with Apple ID’s.  When adding your university email account, please note you will be adding a second account to your email application. Each account will have its own set of email folders. 

  1. Begin by locating and opening Settings.

  1. Within Settings, on the left pane, locate: Mail.

  1. Select the option Accounts.

  1. Click Add Account.

  1. You will be presented with a list of account types.  Select Microsoft Exchange.

  1. Fill in your email address and add a description (which defaults to, “Exchange”, but you can edit that field to be more descriptive – that is, “UWYO” or “UW e-mail”.) Click Next when ready.

  1. Your device will require authentication. Allow your device to Sign In.

  1. Some, but not all clients may see the option to sign in with a “Work or School Account” or a “Personal Account”.  Select Work or School Account. If you do not see this screen, you will be presented with the next screen, the “WyoLogin” page.

  1. At the WyoLogin page, enter in your university username and password, click Logon.

  1. If you are located off campus will be presented with a 2-factor/secondary authentication.  Approve that connection with your preferred 2-factor device or method. If you are on campus will continue to the next step.

  1. If prompted, allow the iOS device to sign in, click Continue.

  1. Apple iOS devices are able to integrate your UW account into multiple applications and synchronize information with them.  Select those items you wish to use.  Mail is the primary application and is almost always selected.  Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes can also be useful if desired.

  1. Your UW email account should be listed.  You can close Settings (click the device’s Home button).

  1. Locate Mail on your device and tap to launch.

  1. Upon launching the device’s Mail program, your UW mail will be displayed in its own set of folders.


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