Non-Benefited Candidate Selection Process & Offer

This guide will cover:

  • Reviewing a candidate’s Application and Questionnaire
  • Advancing the candidate to the Interview Step
  • Rejecting candidates and communicating with unsuccessful candidates throughout the search process
  • Advancing the candidate to the offer stage and finalizing the hire

Although this guide provides steps of the systematic process, the Human Resources Recruiters are available for questions and guidance at any point in the process (307-766-2377).


Step One:

Access the Job Requisition

  • Sign into WyoCloud from WyoWeb. 
  • From the Home page, navigate to My Team, then click the Hiring icon.



Step Two:

Access List of Applicants

From the Job Requisitions page, locate your requisition for which you are screening.

  • Click on the hyperlink to the Requisition Title.

  • From the Requisition Overview screen, click on the number for “Screen (Requires Approval) – To be Reviewed by Hiring Manager”. This will display the list of applicants.

If your requisition is for a direct hire, you can skip to step six.


Step Three:

Screening Applicants

  • Click on Applicant’s name to review their application.

  • Applicant details are provided in the application blocks down the middle of the page. Expand each section by clicking on the expand/collapse arrow. Other application information can be viewed by using the navigation on the left.
    • Please note the Questions tab includes answers to the required UW application questions such as veteran status and conviction-related information.
      • NOTE: Applicants cannot be screened out based on the answers to these questions. If you have questions/concerns, contact your Recruiter (307-766-2377). If a top candidate does disclose a conviction or policy violation, please let your Recruiter know.  Convictions and policy violations require a background check (if job related) and further review and approval up the chain of command.  This is facilitated by HR, so please work with your Recruiter.  The employee may not start working until this is completed.

  • To view required attachments, click on the Attachments tab. These attachments can include the cover letter, resume/CV, and other supplemental documents.
    • NOTE: It is best to select List under the View drop-down. This way you can easily see all attachments and download them to share with the search committee.


  • When you finish reviewing a candidate, you can navigate to the next candidate by clicking the Next button at the top of the page.  You can also click Previous to review the previous candidate.


Step Four:

Change Candidate Status

Once candidate(s) has/have been reviewed, please update their Phase/State. This can be done in bulk on the Job Applications page or can be done individually for each candidate.

  • To move more than one candidate at a time, mark the box to the left of the candidate’s name.
  • Click the Actions drop-down, select Move and choose the appropriate Phase and State.
    • Note:  When changing the status of multiple candidates at once, all candidates must be in the same Phase/State and be moving to the same Phase/State.
  • To move candidates individually, check the box to the left of their name.
    • Click the Actions drop-down, select Move and choose the appropriate Phase and State.


Step Five:

Interview and Determine Top Candidate(s)

  • The Hiring Manager/Assistant will schedule and conduct interviews outside the system.
    • Throughout the interview process, candidates’ status should be updated as you move forward with your search.
    • To do this, please following the same process as described above:
      • Check the box to the left of the candidate’s name
      • Click the Actions drop-down, select Move and choose the appropriate Phase and State.
  • Applicants not selected for interview should be noted as such by updating the Phase/State to Screen, Rejected by Employer.
    • Select the applicants who will not be interviewed and under Actions, click Move.
    • Change the State to Rejected by Employer, and under reason, select the most appropriate reason the candidate was not selected for interview. Comments are optional but encouraged.


  • Once a top candidate(s) is determined, the Hiring Manager/Assistant is responsible for communicating the verbal offer of employment outside the system.  This typically occurs over the phone or via email.
    • If the candidate accepts the verbal offer, the Hiring Manager/Assistant will progress the candidate to the Verbal Offer – Proceed to Written Offer
      • Please ensure you follow HR’s posted guidelines to determine a start date.
    • If the candidate declines the verbal offer, select Withdrawn by Candidate (State) and select the best Reason.
    • Click Save and Close.


Step Six:

Progressing the Top Candidate(s)

  • Once the verbal offer has been accepted and the candidate is moved into the appropriate Phase/State, the recruiter will kick off any pre-employment checks.
  • Once the verbal offer is accepted and required pre-employment checks are initiated by the candidate, the Recruiter will progress the candidate to Offer, To be Created Phase/State. The Hiring Manager/Assistant will receive notification and is responsible for drafting an offer to the candidate at this time.


Step Seven:

Creating the Offer Letter

  • To create the offer, you will need to open the candidate’s application.  Click on the Actions drop-down and select Create Job Offer.

  • Complete all required fields as noted by the blue asterisk *and any other fields as applied to your hire type.

Many of the offer fields auto populate based upon what is present on the position within HCM.  This means they may need updated for the specifics of this particular position.  Pay close attention to ensure everything is accurate, especially working hours.

  • 1. When and Why
    • Start Date: The agreed upon first day of work for the employee.
      • These dates should coincide with a biweekly Pay Period Begin date. Refer to the Payroll Deadlines document for these dates under the Time Period Start Date column.
      • Start dates must be a future date. Candidates cannot begin working prior to the start date.
    • Legal Employer: Auto populates and should not be changed.
    • Worker Type: Always select Employee.
    • Action:
      • For a new external hire, select Add Pending Worker
      • For a rehire, select Add Pending Work Relationship
      • For a current employee, select Add Assignment
    • Click Continue.
  • 2. Assignment Info
    • Department: Auto populates, make sure this is the correct department the candidate will be working in.
    • Working At Home: Choose Yes or No, as applicable
    • Working Hours: This will default to 20 hours, please adjust as necessary.
    • Working as Manager: Choose Yes or No, as applicable.
    • Worker’s Comp Code:  This will be the last digit listed in the position number.
      • WC1 = Clerical Rate (employee is working in an office environment, low danger category)
      • WC2 = Professional without Lab (employee is working in a professional position)
      • WC3 = Professional with Lab (employee is working in a professional position in a laboratory)
      • WC4 = Non-Professional (employee is working in a non-office, high danger category)
    • Select the appropriate check boxes as applicable for Pandemic 100% work remote and Can self-isolate on campus.
    • Click Continue.
  • 3. Offer Team
    • This information pulls over from the requisition. Ensure the Hiring Manager is correct and any other collaborator types are included as needed.
    • Click Continue.
  • 4. Salary
    • Salary Basis: Hourly Salary Basis or Monthly Salary Basis, as applicable
    • Salary Amount: Enter the hourly pay rate or the monthly rate, as applicable.
    • Click Continue.
  • 5. Other Compensation
    • In most non-benefited hires, this field does not apply, please leave it blank.
    • Click Continue.
  • 6: Attachments
    • Please attach the Payroll Funding Form here under Internal Documents.
    • Include any other documents as needed. Be sure to add them under the appropriate section. Candidate-facing Documents should only be used for attachments that will become part of the employee’s official employee record.
    • Click Continue.
  • 7. Additional Info
    • If a field does not apply, please leave it blank.
    • Click Continue.
  • 8. Offer Letter
    • Use the drop-down to select the Part Time Worker template. If you do not see the correct letter, click Search.
    • Without typing anything, click Search again.
    • You can now see all Offer Letter options. Select the appropriate letter, this will be confirmed by your Recruiter.
    • You can review all blocks of the offer by clicking Edit.
  • Once you are confident you have provided all needed information, click Save and Close (not Submit).

Do not click Submit. Click Save and Close to draft this offer for the Recruiter to review and complete. Once the Recruiter has completed the offer information, the offer will be routed for approvals. Do not attempt to edit the offer once it has been Saved and Closed. If a change needs to be made, reach out to your Recruiter.


Step Eight:

Finalizing the Hire

  • Once the Recruiter has reviewed and completed the offer, they will submit it for approvals through workflow. Approvers will receive an email notifying them of an approval pending or can view this in the Bell Icon.
    • After the offer has been approved by the appropriate individuals, the Recruiter will extend the offer to the candidate electronically.
  • After the Recruiter has verified that the candidate meets the conditions for employment (background check, MVR, etc), they will submit the hire for processing.


Step Nine:

Send Correspondence to Rejected Candidates

  • Candidates not selected for hire should be noted as such by updating the State and Reason.
    • Select the applicants who will are not considered and under Actions, click Move.
      • To send correspondence to multiple applicants at once, the applicants must be in the same Phase/State.

  • Change the State to Rejected by Employer, and under Reason, select the most appropriate reason the candidate was not selected for hire. Comments are optional but encouraged.

  • Click Save and Close. The candidate will receive a system notification that they are no longer under consideration for this position.


You have now completed the steps to the candidate selection process and offer for non-benefited hires.

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