Enroll Additional Devices and Manage Your 2FA Devices

Here is a video and step by step instructions with screenshots are below.

During the authentication process, select Other options and then Manage devices to enroll additional devices. It is strongly recommended that you enroll more than one device in case your primary device becomes unavailable.  (A good option for a secondary device is your office phone.) 



You will need to two factor to continue managing devices. 

To enroll additional devices:

  1. Click on Add a new device

  1. Follow instructions to enroll a new device (see Enroll a device with Duo)
  2. You now have multiple devices enrolledTwo factor will default to the most secure method, but the others will be available until Other options.

To manage your devices:

  1. Click on My Settings & Devices
  2. Confirm your identity by authenticating with one of your previously enrolled devices
  3. From the Settings window, you can rename and delete devices
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