Enroll Additional Devices and Manage Your 2FA Devices

Here is a video and step by step instructions with screenshots are below.

During the authentication process, select Add a new device to enroll additional devices or My Settings & Devices to adjust device settings.



It is strongly recommended that you enroll more than one device in case your primary device becomes unavailable.  (A good option for a secondary device is your office phone.) 

To enroll additional devices:

  1. Click on Add a new device
  2. Confirm your identity by authenticating with one of your devices
  3. Follow instructions to enroll a new device (see Enroll a device with Duo)
  4. You now have multiple devices enrolled
  5. If necessary, set a new device as the default (or primary) device
  6. During authentication, you are presented with a list of devices.  Select one to authenticate.


To manage your devices:

  1. Click on My Settings & Devices
  2. Confirm your identity by authenticating with one of your previously enrolled devices
  3. From the Settings window, you can identify a default device, as well as rename and delete devices


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