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Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to the log-in process, keeping your account secure even if your password is compromised. The University of Wyoming uses Duo to provide two-factor authentication services. The full Duo Guide to Two-Factor Authentication contains updated instructions and can be viewed by visiting
Instructions on how to delete and re-add an outlook account
Some users may prefer to receive email messages sent to their UW account in a different personal email account. Email sent to your UW email account can be redirected to another email account by setting up a rule in Outlook.
There may be times when a department or individual needs to share their email account so that other individuals can assist in answering email sent to that account, scheduling events in the calendar, or accessing specific contacts saved in that account.
Information about connecting your UW email to an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Instructions on how to open up another mailbox and set up automatic replies in OWA
Information about accessing generic email only accounts
How to Create an Account Profile for MyWyocast
Information about the roles of a Resource Owner and a Resource Delegate
Information about faculty/staff accessing UW email in student labs
Information on how long after I click on the "OneDrive for Business" link on my account, how long does it take before I can begin using it?