Setting Favorite Accounts for Requisitions

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This guide will cover:

  • How to set frequently used chart strings and POET information as favorites in the Requisition Shop.
  • Utilizing previously created favorite chart strings and POET information when entering billing information into a requisition.

Although not required to complete a requisition, some users may find setting favorites will save time and decrease steps needed when creating a requisition.

Step One

  • Upon signing in, this home page will display. Click on the Navigator button (the three horizontal lines) in the top left corner


  • The Navigator bar is where you can find links directing you to all of the modules and pages that you have security access for.  For this particular process, go to Navigator > Procurement > Purchase Requisitions.

  • The Purchase Requisitions page will display.

Step Two

Edit Requisition Preferences to set favorite chart strings for future requisitions.

  • Select More Tasks then Update Requisition Preferences.

  • From the Edit Requisition Preferences page you may set Favorite Charge Accounts (GL) and/or Projects (POET).

  • To add GL chart strings, click the plus sign (+) to add a row.

  • Once a row is added you can assign the account a Nickname and either enter the chart string or search for the chart string using the search icon. 

  • Multiple favorite chart strings can be added.  To set one as primary, click the small check mark to left of the desired line. Once set as primary, the checkmark will be green.

  • To set favorite Project information, enter in the Project Number.  Once the Project number is entered, click outside of the Project Number box to activate the POET fields for entry.

At this time only one favorite POET can be set in the system.

  • Once all desired favorites have been entered, click Save and Close.


Step Three

Using favorite chart strings and POET information to complete the billing information on a requisition.

Follow steps in Create Procurement Catalogs Requisition and Create Non-Catalog Requisition to begin requisition and complete Requisition Lines and Delivery sections first.

  • While completing a requisition, you will notice changes to the Billing section.  If you set a default chart sting or POET, these are automatically populated under billing.

  • If you set multiple favorite chart strings, you may toggle between them by using the drop down box under Charge Account Nickname.

Continue completing the requisition per normal processes.

You have now completed the steps to setting and using favorite accounts for requisitions.

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