Process Non-PO Invoices

This guide will cover:

  • Create a non-PO invoice.
  • Validate a non-PO invoice. 

Step One

Sign into WyoCloud Financial Management and Navigate to Invoices.

  • Click on the Navigator bar (three horiztonal lines) in the top left corner.  The Navigator is where you can find links directing you to all the modules and pages that you have security access for. 


  • Click on Navigator > Payables > Invoices.     

Step Two

Navigate to the Create Invoice page and enter information in the required fields.

  • On the Invoices page, click on Task List (gray tab with the rectangle icon, on the right-hand side) > Invoices and Payments > Create Invoice.

  • On the Create Invoice page, enter the following required values in the Invoice Header:
    • Identifying PO: Non-PO Invoices will not have an associated purchase order.
    • Business Unit: Enter UWYO.
    • Supplier: Enter the name of the supplier.
    • Supplier Site: Enter the site of the supplier. This site should contain the Remit-To- Address as shown on the invoice.
    • Number: Enter the invoice number from the paper invoice.
    • Amount: Enter the total amount to be paid from the paper invoice.
    • Type: Enter the invoice type (Standard or Credit Memo).
    • Description: Enter a detailed business purpose for the invoice (required).
    • Date: Date on invoice.
    • Payment Terms: Autopopulates to 45 days from date of entry, update based upon invoice terms.
    • Terms Date: Verify this matches the invoice date.
    • Attachments: Attach a copy of the invoice using the + sign (required).


Once you’ve enter in the invoice header description, it is reccommended you DO NOT save at this point. If you click save, you will need to click the plus sign under the lines to add lines. If you do not click save, the lines section will look similiar to the following screenshot.

  • On the Create Invoice page, click on the arrow to the left of Lines.  This will open the Lines section.

  • Enter the following required information in the Lines section:
    • Amount: Enter the invoice amount.
    • Distribution Combination: Chart string.
    • Description: Enter a description for the invoice line.
    • Project Number: Enter project number if the invoice is paid from an award.
      • Task Number: Enter task number of the project.
      • Expenditure Type: Enter the project expense type.
      • Expenditure Organization: Enter the project expenditure organization.

You may use multiple lines to split an invoice between various accounts.  However, clicking on additional lines without entering full information will result in the error: Must provide a value for the attribute amount. If you encounter this error, highlight each extra line (those without account info) and delete using the X at the top of the lines section.

  • Click Save.  This should remove any additioanl lines that are not populated.

Step Three

Validate the invoice and Initiate Approvals.

  • At the top of the screen, select the Invoice Actions drop down then Validate.

  • Once validation is complete, you can comfirm it’s been validated next to the invoice action drop down. Click on validated to view the invoice summary.

  • Once validated, click on the Invoice Actions drop down then Approval and Initiate. This action initiates approval workflow, starting with your Cost Center Approver.

  • Click Save and Close.


Check the Status of Your Invoice

Locating a submitted invoice and reviewing its status.

  • Navigate to the Invoices screen by clicking on Invoices from the Navigator.

  • Open the Task menu on the right side of the page, click on Task List then click Manage Invoices.

  • On the Manage Invoices page you must enter at least one of the follow fields marked with a ** to search for the invoice.
    • Invoice Number: Enter the invoice number from the paper invoice.
    • Invoice Date: Enter invoice date in the in MM/DD/YY format or click the Calendar icon and choose a date on the pop-up calendar.
    • Supplier or Party: Enter the supplier or party. You may also Search for a supplier or party.
    • Supplier Number: Enter the supplier number.

  • Once the invoice is located, several pieces of information can be obtained from this screen without clicking into the invoice.

    • Invoice Date

    • Creation Date

    • Supplier or Party

    • Supplier Site

    • Unpaid Amount

    • Invoice Amount

    • Applied Prepayments

    • Invoice Type

    • Notes

    • Validation Status

    • Approval Status

    • Holds

    • Details *Note - Does not provide any detail

  • Two items (Invoice and Validation) can be clicked on to display more information without opening the invoice.

  • OR you can click the Invoice Number to open the invoice.

  • Once the invoice opens, you can click on Invoice Amount or Validated or click on the tabs in the middle for additional information: Lines, Holds & Approvals, Payments or Installments.


You have now completed the steps of Process Non-PO Invoices.

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