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Computer Imaging Policy

To provide a secure and productive work environment, we configure all University of Wyoming computers with a customized operating system and software suite known as the UW “image.”

The image is designed to protect your computer from various cyber threats and also allows us to rapidly deploy urgent security patches and updates, implement new security safeguards to guard against future threats, and ensure compliance with formal College software licensing requirements.

Because of the many vital functions this image serves, removing or tampering with existing images on UW computers is prohibited. Any UW employee who deliberately removes an image from an UW PC assumes responsibility in the event of any software license non-compliance or security breach that occurs as a consequence of that action.

Current Desktop Software

Each UW-imaged desktop computer comes pre-installed with the following applications:

Microsoft Windows 10 64-Bit

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 64-Bit

Google Chrome

Adobe Reader



We encourage UW supported users with unique needs to contact us about custom images for research labs or other specialized environments.  If you have concerns about the capabilities of the image or you’d like to inquire about a specialized image, please submit a Support Request with as much detail as possible here

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