Gaining author access to my non-CMS website on WEB or WEBDEV to edit

Access to a non-CMS website on WWW or WWWDEV can be gained in the following ways:   

  • You can access it via the LAN share by selecting the Start menu, selecting Run, and typing in \\web\sitename$ (or\\webdev\sitename$) or by mapping a network drive to \\web\sitename$ (or \\webdev\sitename$). See How to Map a Network Drive for instructions on mapping a drive in Windows.
  • If you are using a Mac, please use the following instructions based on the location of your site:

    In the Go menu select Connect to Server. In the address field type the URL of your site using the following syntax: 

    • for use smb://web/sitename$

Access to the UW Content Management System is managed by UW Institutional Marketing. Training is mandatory before access is granted to the system. A schedule of CMS training classes is available at

Also see How to Access Your Web Share through WyoSecure VPN.

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