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Information on the fees involved with setting up a DNS Web hosted site at UW
Link to the new Index and Search KB
Information on EveryonePrint through a web browser
Instructions on how to open up another mailbox and set up automatic replies in OWA
Instructions on how to manage your rules on the OWA.
Information on how to remove subscribers through a web interface
Information on running PWS or IIS on a desktop computer
Information on why would you want or need to take advantage of the UW DNS web name hosting service
Information on if I run a web server outside of IT, will IT create a redirect for my server on the main WWW server to keep with the UW naming convention?
When emergency moderation is turned on, all postings to the list are held for moderation instead of being posted to the list.

Use this option if many members are posting to the list and you need to stop additional postings. This may occur if the list is not configured for moderation and members begin replying to earlier posts to the list, resulting in a "spamming-like" effect. This is particularly a problem if there are many members on the list.
Information on how to add subscribers through the web interface