Use EveryonePrint, the UWStudent Mobile Printing Service, Through a Web Browser


The UWStudent Mobile printing service provides users with the ability to print documents through a web browser interface without the need to install printers on their personal computers. The Mobile printing service is connected the UWStudent print monitoring solution, so charges to printer as deducted from a student's print balance account.

Note: This service is only available on campus.  

Note: You must be connected to the UWyo wireless or a hardwired connection.


  1. Go to the UWStudent Mobile Printing web page and click on Log into the mobile printing service.
  2. Log in using your UW username and password.
  3. On the EveryonePrint start page click Browse and navigate to the document to print.


  4. Click Open.


  5. The path to the document to print will appear in the Upload Document To Print window. Click Next.


  6. A status window will open showing available printers and the print job status. It may take a few seconds for the print job to process and allow you to start printing. Once the job is processed a list of printers will appear and the status will say "Awaiting Release." 

    Using the drop down box, select the printer you want to print to and then click Print.
    (Note: Printer names will contain some location information.)


  7. Click the Advanced check box to open options for multiple copies, page range, single or duplex printing, or a black/white color option. Make selections then click Print.


  8. Note status changes from "Awaiting Release" to "Printing", then eventually to "Printed." Be sure to give the system enough time to complete all printing tasks.


  9. After all jobs have completed, you will have to close the browser to log off.

Overview of the EveryonePrint interface

My Print Jobs tab: shows printing history, dates, times document names, and pages printed.


Web Print tab: default or clean start page to begin printing from.


My Printers tab: shows available printers on the EveryonePrint system. This can be modified to show only favorite printers or printer.


Example: printing with only one saved printer showing in the printer list.

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