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Information on printing from PrintPress
Located in the ITC: 3D-Printing is available to UW students, faculty , and staff on a first-come, first-served basis.
If it is verified that the printer is connected, has the correct driver, and can receive print jobs, but it cannot print multiple copies there may be a printer settings called Mopier Mode activated. This mode only allows a printer to print one copy of a document at a time.
There are printers for student use located in each of the UWSTUDENT labs on campus. The UWSTUDENT lab computers in these labs are automatically configured to print to these printers. However, with the completion of just a few steps, it is also possible for a student to print to these printers from their own personal computer connected via the UW wireless network.
Instructions on how to set up a Konica Minolta on print press
Information on printers around campus that you can use UWstudent Mobile Printing Service (EveryonePrint) with
Information on using UWstudent Mobile Printing Service (EveryonePrint) from off campus locations