Install a Network Printer from the UW PRINTPRESS Print Server on Windows


Information Technology (IT) provides a central network print server call PRINTPRESS for shared network departmental printers across campus. Once a printer has been added to the network and configured on PRINTPRESS, installing the printer on your computer is as simple as accessing PRINTPRESS and double-clicking on the correct printer icon.

***July/August 2017: If you have recently had your Konica Minolta printer replaced, please delete your computer's old queue first. The new units require new drivers, which are installed automatically during the mapping process outlined below.  Please note that if your department uses security codes in order to print or make copies, those codes will require re-entering (described towards the bottom of this article.)



1. Accessing the PRINTPRESS Print Server

  1. Click the Start menu button, and click RunIn the Run window, in the Open box, type \\printpress, and click enter.
  2. OR Click the Start menu button, and in the search bar type \\printpress and click enter.
    NOTE: Make sure that you have typed the correct slashes (i.e. \ and not /). 

‚Äč2. Locating and Installing Your Shared Departmental Printer
  1. In the Printpress window, locate and double-click on the printer icon that represents your specific department's printer.

    NOTE: PRINTPRESS printers all maintain the same naming scheme for ease of locating and installing the correct one. Each printer will generally start with a two or three letter abbreviation for the building they are located in followed by the room number and possibly an A or B if more than one network printer resides in the same room. 

    Prior to installing any shared network printer, verify that the printer is approved and appropriate for use in your department. Printing activity is logged on these printers by central systems.    

  1. When prompted that the printer will need to be installed before you can use it, click Yes.

  2. Once installed, a small blank printer window will appear. Close the window.

3. Adding a Department Code for Konica Minolta Copiers

  1. From the application (Word, Excel, PPT, etc), select FilePrint, or press Ctrl+p to bring up the print dialogued window.
  2. Select the Konica Minolta copier to which you wish to print.
  3. Click Printer Properties.


  4. Click on the Basic tab.


  5. Click Authentication/Account Track.


  6. Enter your Department Code in the Password field.


  7. Click Verify to ensure that the code is accepted.


  8. Click Ok. The printer is now ready to use.


  1. Once the printer is installed, to set the printer as your default printer, click the Start menu, and click Printers and Faxes (or point to Settings, and click Printers); in the  Printers and Faxes window (or Printer window), right-click the printer icon, and click Set as Default Printer.
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