Purchasing from Office Depot with a Procurement Card (P-Card)

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Strategic sourcing

Strategic  sourcing allows the University of Wyoming to consolidate and streamline the procurement process of purchasing goods/services.  Office Depot is one of the catalog suppliers that the university has negotiated prices with to provide the best values possible to campus users.  The use of an employee’s P-Card to purchase goods via the Office Depot Catalog in the WyoCloud Financial system provides purchasing ease.

Purchases made with the P-Card in the catalog follow the university-wide standard P-Card limitations of a Maximum Transaction Limit of $4,999 and a Total Monthly Limit of $7,500.  In addition, the purchases are automatically tax exempt.  Please refer to the Procurement Card Policies and Procedures found on the Financial Affairs website > Policies and Procedures > Procurement and Payment Services for additional P-Card information.

Users can follow the Quick Reference Guide to Create a Procurement Catalog Requisition to follow the requisition process when the P-Card cannot be used.

Please note that all Office Depot P-Card and Procurement Catalog Orders of less than $50 are charged a minimal shipping fee to help with handling costs.

Shopping lists are the most advantageous resource to easily access contracted pricing. It is highly recommended to use the shopping list when searching for items to get the best deal. See Searching for Items on the Office Depot website to locate the shopping list.



Step One

Navigating to the Office Depot website

  • The university’s Office Depot catalog website is accessed through the WyoCloud Financial Management system. Cardholders have two primary options for navigation to the website:

Option 1. From the WyoCloud homepage, click on the Navigator in the top left corner. The Navigator is where you can find links directing you to all of the modules and pages for which you have access. 

  • Click on Procurement and then select Office Depot P-Card Purchasing (Image 1).

Option 2.  Select the Office Depot P-Card Purchasing tile on WyoCloud’s home page under the Procurement tab.

Image 2

  • From either option, the website will open to the Welcome page.


Step Two

Creating an account and logging in

You will need to create an account to log in to the site the first time. Please contact Procurement Services at 307-766-5233 or procurement@uwyo.edu for your username and temporary password. 

Log In to the site on the Office Depot (ODP) Welcome page:

  1. Click Log In on the Welcome page

  2. Enter your Log in name (your UW email address) & the Temporary password given to you by the Procurement Office.

  3. Click Log In


initial login, it is required that you change your password from the temporary password given to you by Procurement.  Access is only granted to individuals with P-Cards

  • To change/update your password. Click on My Account, then click My Profile.

  • The My Profile Overview page will display. Under Subscriptions & Settings, click on Edit Login Info & Password Prompt.

  • The Account Settings page is displayed. Under Login Name & Password, enter the temporary password in as current password, then create a unique password for the new password. Be sure the “keep me logged in” box is UNCHECKED. Click Update.

  • Additionally, you may be prompted to select a security question for password recovery if you forget your new password. Once the information is selected and entered, click Update.

Once you have created an initial account, you don’t need to complete this step in subsequent orders.  Simply use the username and your selected password (changed from the temporary) for future logins.



Step Three

Searching for items on the Office Depot website and building an order

After logging in to the site, the following features can be launched.

Help and Profile Settings:

  1. Contact Us

    • Live Chat and Customer Service Links/Phone Numbers

  2. My Account

    • View Order Tracking, Orders waiting for Approval, Future Orders and Recent Orders.

    • Manage your Account Profile and Settings.

Shopping Options:

  1. Products

    • After clicking the Products drop-down, you can simply hover over the headings, and narrow your search by selecting your desired item category.

  2. Search by Keyword or Item #

    • The search field allows you to shop for items by simply entering a keyword or Part ID and selecting the search icon.  A summary of matching categories and the top-ranking items will appear.  Choose a category or brand or go directly to an item.  Results can be sorted by: Contract, Best Value, Price and Relevance.  To filter search results by characteristics such as brand, size, color, etc., click the desired characteristic listed on the left-side toolbar.

  3. Shopping Lists

    • Strategically negotiated items for low prices can be accessed through the University of Wyoming Shopping list. This is the recommended way to shop for items.

    • You can also create Personal Shopping List to locate items you purchase frequently in one easy-to-find place. 

  • To search for an item, users have the following (4) four options:
  1. Products (Category Drop Down)
  2. Search by Keyword or Item#
  3. Order by Item #
  4. Shopping Lists (Preferred Shopping Method)


Option 1- 3: Ordering by product category or item #; Searching by keyword or item #

These options allow users to see all products available or to narrow down to the exact item needing to be purchased.

  • Search by keyword or item #, simply type in the keyword or number in the search box

  • Search by Order by Item option, click on Order by Item and enter the 6, 9 or 10-digit item number and quantity for each item you would like to order in the appropriate fields displayed.

  • Search by Category by clicking on the Product option then select the category you wish to view results for.

Option 4: Locating the University of Wyoming shopping list for the best pricing on products. The recommended way to shop.

  • Select Shopping Lists (identified as #4 in the above screenshot). The My Shopping Lists page will display.

  • Choose the category to view all of the negotiated items and the pricing for those items

  • After locating an item for purchase, select the quantity and click Add to Cart.

  • The item will be added to the shopping cart.  From this screen, you can either click Continue Shopping or to view your shopping cart, click on Shopping Cart.

  • Preceed to Step Five to review the order and check out using your P-Card.


Step Four

  • After locating an item from search options 1-3, an option to add to list is available when you click on the item to fully review its details.

  • Click Add to List.

    • A window will pop up. This window gives you the option to create a new Personal Shopping List or add the selected item to an existing Personal Shopping List.

      1. To create a new Personal Shopping List - Select “Create New List” and enter the name of your new personal shopping list and select SAVE. You will see the Success Box below (3).

      2. To add an item to an existing personal shopping list, select list name of where you want to add the item.  You will see the Success Box below (3)

  • To add all items to a shopping list from the cart, click Save Cart to List (1) or Add to List at the bottom of the shopping cart and add to a Personal Shopping List (2) for later access.

  • To access Personal Shopping Lists in the future, click on Shopping List on the home landing page and locate the personal shopping list you want to view.


When using a previously created list for shopping, enter the quantity desired, make sure the select box is checked, and then click Add to CartHint: If the shopping list quantities are preset to “0”, simply click “Select all” and populate a quantity only on the desired items.

In addition to saving frequently purchased items for future orders, Personal Shopping Lists may also be emailed to other individuals for review (tool bar at the top of the shopping list).  Personal Shopping Lists may also be deleted, or items may be removed.

  • After items have been added to the cart from your Personal Shopping List, proceed to Step Five to review the order and check out.


Step Five

Reviewing the order and check out using a P-Card

  • To review your cart and checkout, users have two options depending on what step of the process they are on:

    • After adding an item to the cart, simply select Shopping Cart at the bottom of the screen to navigate to the cart.

    • Or, select the cart icon at the top right of the screen.

  • The shopping cart will display.  Review all items in the cart for accuracy.

  • To checkout, click on the Checkout button.

  • The Checkout screen will display.  Review and edit any applicable information required.

  • Enter the p-card information for the Payment information section.

Only purchases made online through the university’s Business site can be purchased using a university issued p-card.  It is PROHIBITED to use a personal card for purchases on this site.  


  • Review the delivery options and estimated delivery date. Orders received by 5:00 p.m. local time processed for Next Day Delivery.

  • Once the cart has been reviewed and any changes updated, click Place Order.

It is not recommended that you save your p-card online or on any other shopping site for security reasons.


Step Six

Order tracking and online returns

  1. To track the status of an order. Click on My Account from the Navigation Bar.

  2. Scroll to Orders, then click on Order Tracking.

  • Enter search parameters to narrow results to a specific order, or a range.

  • Click on the Blue Highlighted Order Number to retrieve and view details. Note: This screen may look somewhat different, but the  functionality is the same.

  • To return an item received. Locate the order in Order Tracking from above.

  • Click on the order number to view in the Order Details screen.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the order and select “Begin Return

  • Follow the steps to submit the return.


Step Seven

Reconciling the p-card purchase

  • All purchases on a p-card must be reconciled within 30 days of the posted date.  Follow the Quick Reference Guide for P-Card Expense Reconciling/Reporting for instructions on how to reconcile the p-card purchase.



You have now completed the steps to purchase items from Office Depot using a P-Card.

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