Invoice Status Report

This guide will cover:

  • How to navigate and run the Invoice Status Report to show the status of invoices.


Step One

Navigating to the Transactional Table of Contents


Step Two

Running the Invoice Status Report

  • Under the "Procurement and Accounts Payable" heading on the Table of Contents, click on Invoice Statuses. 

  • The report will open in a new tab and will begin to automatically run a list of data for all invoices.

**Wait until the report has produced a list of data before using any of the prompts

Example – Report automatically running a set of data to display:

Example – Report completed with full list of data:


Step Three

Narrowing down the Invoice Status Report

  • You may use the following prompts to narrow the report to only display invoices relevant to your needs. Note, in most cases you can leave the defaulted “Select Value” in any or all prompts. 

    1. Org Code – Organization Number of Cost Center in Chart of Accounts

    2. Invoice Number – Invoice number entered

    3. Invoice Created By – Name of person that initiated the invoice

    4. Supplier Name – Name of supplier invoice is for

    5. Project Number– Project/Grant number if applicable

    6. Purchase Order – For PO invoices only, select the purchase order number

    7. Payment Status Name – Status of payment for invoice: Paid, Partially Paid, Not Paid

    8. Funds Status – Status of funds for the account string allocated to the expense: Failed, Reserved, Reserved with warning, In process, etc.

    9. Invoice Date Between – Narrow results by selecting a date range for the invoice date

  • After selecting desired prompts, click Apply.


Step Four

Exporting the data to Excel

  • The options to export and/or print are located at the bottom of the report.

    • It is recommended to export in a CSV file: Export > Data > CSV Format

    • Exporting to csv will allow the user to filter or find expense reports in any of the following columns

  • The following columns are included:

    • Supplier Name – Name of Supplier for invoice

    • Supplier Number – Number assigned in the system for Supplier

    • Invoice Number – Invoice number entered on Non-PO invoices, expense report number

    • Invoice Created By – Name of person that initiated the invoice

    • Payment Terms Name – The payment terms assigned during the initial creation of the invoice. Default is Net 45 unless changed.

    • Invoice Date – Date of the invoice

    • Payment Status Name – Status of Payment: Paid, Partially Paid or Not Paid

    • Validation Status – Available, Validated, Needs Revalidation, Canceled

    • Payment Method – Check, EFT, Wire

    • Concatenated Segments – Chart of accounts segment invoice is charged to

    • Invoice Line Description – Description entered in the system on the line

    • Invoice Line # – Line number associated with the transaction (there may be multiple lines for an invoice)

    • Distribution Line Number – Invoice line number associated with the invoice  distribution

    • Invoice Distribution Amount – Amount per transaction line

    • Invoice Distribution Accounting Date – Accounting date for invoice line. Used for defaulting to distributions

    • Purchase Order – For PO invoices only, the PO number is provided

    • Funds Status – Status of funds for the account string allocated to the expense: Failed, Reserved, Reserved with Warning, In Process, etc.

    • Org Code – Organization number for the Cost Center in the Chart of Accounts


Tips & Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks on using the Invoice Status Report

  • Typing in the Cost Center number or PO number in the prompt will work much faster than using the drop down and searching

  • You can move the columns around within the report to fit your view preference

  • Expense Reports go through invoices when they are ready to pay. You will see expense reports for both personal reimbursements and p-card transactions. P-card transactions will have a payment status of Not Paid since they technically are not paying the bank when they post to the general ledger.


You have now navigated to and ran the Invoice Status Report.

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