SFA TouchNet Transactions

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The SFA TouchNet Transactions gives us a report to analyze the deposits received through TouchNet and posted to WyoCloud.


Navigating to the Report

  • Navigate to WyoCloud and click on the Reporting Table of Contents tile.

  • Once you have located the Table of Contents, click on the SFA TouchNet Transactions Report located under the Business Intelligence and Data Visualizations heading.
  • There are two versions of this report
    • SFA Touchnet Transactions Current Fiscal Year
      • There are multiple pages of this report, divided by the Current Posted Periof, Previous Posted Period and Current Posted FY. These pages are filtered by the WyoCloud Posted Date.
    • SFA Touchnet Transactions FY2023
      • This report is one page of all of the data from FY2023


Note: This report is in Microsoft Power BI, please visit the Microsoft Power BI QRG for more information on navigating these reports.

Interpreting the Report

  • Using the filters on the right side of the report, it is recommended that you narrow down the report by Organization. Additionally, the report display is limited and it is recommended that you filter down further by utilizing the TouchNet Deposit Date or WyoCloud Posted Date to get more recent dates.

  • To display more detailed information, right click on any value and select show data point as a table.

  • The deposits that make up that value are then displayed in a table

  • The columns in the expanded details are defined below:

Column Name

Column Definition

Input Description

If this field is all numerical it denotes a deposit at the Cashier’s Office.  For MarketPlace transactions the MarketPlace name will be at the end of the numerical string.

Account String


Accounting Chart String

Natural Account

Natural Account

Fund Source

Fund Source







Banner Detail Code

This is an internal Banner coding.

Charge Account


Accounting chart string.  Note this is only populated for Cashier’s Office deposits.


Deposit Amount

Banner Receipt Number

Banner receipt number (not TouchNet receipt number).

User Name

For Cashier’s deposits this shows the Cashier who entered the deposit.  For MarketPlace transactions it is the name of the MarketPlace.

Transaction Date

Date the deposit was made.

Banner Feed Date

Date of the Banner feed the transaction was included in.

Payment ID

Cashier’s Office (TouchNet) Receipt Number

Transaction Number

Transaction Number

This completes the SFA Touchnet Transactions 

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