Purchase Details Dashboard

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The Purchase Detail Dashboard allows users to view the status of their purchases for the University of Wyoming. To use this dashboard, users must have their Purchase Order Number. 


Step One 

Navigating to the Purchase Detail Dashboard  

  • In WyoCloud, click on the Reporting Table of Contents tile.  

  • Under Procurement and Payment Services, click on the Purchase Detail Dashboard link.  

Step Two 

Using the Purchase Detail Dashboard 

  • Click the drop-down arrow next to, “Select Value”. You can now scroll to find your purchase order number, or can do an advanced search.  

  • For an advanced search, click, “More/Search…”.  

  • In the search box, enter the Purchase Order Number, click the desired number, and click OK. 

  • Click Apply. The details will now load.  


Step Three 

Understanding the Purchase Details Dashboard 

  • Use the dashboard to find the appropriate information.  

  • Export the dashboard by clicking Export (1), then Data (2), then Excel (3). The data will export to an Excel workbook. 


This completes all the Purchase Details Dashboard processes.  

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