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This report displays all cash advances requested by employees and the status of the advance in regards to reconciling. A cash advance must be reconciled by creating and submitting an expense report after the advance status is approved. Once the expense report has been processed through all approvals, the expense report is applied against the cash advance.

This report will help departments view outstanding cash advances that are overdue or have funds outstanding that need to be reconciled.

For steps on requesting or reconciling a cash advance, please follow the Quick Reference Guide for Requesting, Reconciling, Withdrawing and Returning Unused Funds from a Cash Advance.


Step One

Navigating to the Reporting Table of Contents

  • Navigate to WyoCloud and click on the Reporting Table of Contents tile.

Step Two

Locating the Report on the Table of Contents

  • Under the "Procurement and Accounts Payable" heading on the Table of Contents, select Cash Advance Report

The report will open in a new browser and begin to run automatically within the screen.

  • Example of report beginning to run after opening:

  • Example of data completed running in screen:


Step Three

Narrowing Down and Running the Report

  • You may use the following prompts at the top of the report to run it with information displayed only relevant to your needs.

    • Employee Name – Name of employee the Cash Advance is for

    • Employee Current Organization – Organization code pulled from the employee’s default account string

    • Cash Advance Status – Status of cash advance (ex. Applied, Overdue, Paid, Pending Individual/Manager/Auditor Approval, Saved, Rejected, Withdrawn, etc.)

    • Advance Number – Cash advance number for the requested cash advance

    • Expense Report Number – Expense report number applied against a cash advance

  • After selecting the desired prompts, click Apply.

  • The data will display below the prompts


Step Four

Interpreting the Cash Advance Report

  • The following columns are included:



Employee Name

Last and first name of the employee

Assignment Number

Assignment number of employee. If an employee has multiple assignments, the additional assignments will be denoted with a dash (-) and a number (2,3,4, etc.) following the assignment number (ex. E46908-2).

Employee Current Organization

The current organization the employee(s) are currently assigned to and working for.  Note: This could be different from the expense organization for where the expense is being charged to. 

Cash Advance Status

  • Saved: created but not submitted

  • Submitted: Advance report is submitted

  • Pending Individual Approval: the report is waiting for the user’s approval, frequently because it was initially submitted by a delegate

  • Pending Manager Approval: submitted and waiting for approval prior to continuing to Payment Services. This approval could be the submitter’s manager.

  • Rejected: rejected back to the creator

  • Pending Expense Auditor Approval: waiting for Payment Services to audit

  • Ready for Payment Processing: fully approved and ready for payment

  • Withdrawn: withdrawn from submission

  • Paid: Payment is issued for the cash advance

  • Applied: Expense report(s) have been applied against a cash advance in full for reconciling

  • Partially Applied: Expense report(s) have been applied against a cash advance partially against the full amount of advance

  • Unapplied: No expense report(s) have been applied against the cash advance

  • Overdue: Cash advance is overdue and should be reconciled within 10 working days after trip end date

  • Closed: Cash advance has been fully reconciled and closed

Advance Number

Cash advance report number

Submission Date

Date the cash advance was submitted

Trip End Date

Date that the trip ends. Pursuant to the Travel and Reimbursement Policy, you must reconcile the entire cash advance within 10 business days after the Trip End date of the travel period authorized by the cash advance request.  


Description of purpose provided on the cash advance

Advance Amount

The total advance amount

Applied Amount

Amount applied/reconciled against the cash advance from an expense report

Unapplied Amount

Amount outstanding that hasn’t been applied/reconciled against the cash advance

Paid Amount

Amount paid to employee

Expense Report Number

Expense report number applied against the cash advance for reconciling.

Expense Report Date

Date the expense report was submitted

Expense Report Status

The paid status of the expense report once the report has been applied to the cash advance (this happens after the report has been processed for payment and validated as an invoice).

Days Overdue

Days overdue using the difference of report run date and “Trip End Date”


Step Five

Exporting the data to Excel

  • The options to export and/or print are located at the bottom of the report.

    • It is recommended to export in an Excel file or CSV file: Export > Data > CSV Format or Excel.

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