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Information about connecting your UW email to an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
There may be times when a department or individual needs to share their email account so that other individuals can assist in answering email sent to that account, scheduling events in the calendar, or accessing specific contacts saved in that account.
How to configure an Android mobile device to Office 365
How to manage your club information and give club leaders access to their members.
Information on why you can't see your WyoCourse and how to add courses to make them visible
Information on how to add a mailbox through Office 365
Directions on deleting and adding outlook accounts. Useful for trying to fix issues in outlook.
Information on how to set a picture for your WyoCourse account
Information on how to add a picture to your UW email account
Configure the Canvas by Instructure Mobile App
Adding MyWyocast to WyoCourses
Upload a video already on my computer to MyWyocast in WyoCourses
On February 4, 2016 there will be small changes being made to the registration process
Adding a Local Intranet Zone