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Connect to the UWyo Wireless Network with an Android-Based Cell Phone and Chromebook


Note: Depending on the Android operating system you are using your screen may look a little different, however the steps will be the same. Also, the steps are the same for a Chromebook.

  1. Connecting to the UWyo Wireless Network 
    1. Select the Settings icon.

    2. On the Settings screen select the Wi-Fi icon.

    3. On the Wi-Fi screen select UWyo from the list of available networks.

    4. On the UWyo screen enter the information as follows:

      EAP method: PEAP
      Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
      Identity: uwyo\your UWYO username

      Password: your UWYO password
      Note: You will want to leave the anonymous identity blank
      Note: If it does not work, under identity try uwyo\
      Note: Android version 7 and higher: Identity should be entered as:\your UWYO username 
      1. Username examples:
        1. Username examples for Android versions
    1. Add an Exchange account screen 

    2. Select Connect.
Note: If after all this and you are still having issues connecting, come into the service center where they can give you hands on assistance.

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