Print to Konica Minolta on Mac

Note:  Make sure you are on the most up to date version of Mac OS available for your Mac model. Konica Minolta drivers specific to the model of printer and Mac OS are required for this process. Drivers can be downloaded from Konica Minolta's web site:

Detailed instructions on driver install can be found here.



  1. Open System Preferences from the apple icon on the top left of your Mac.

  1. Select Printers & Scanners from the System Preferences menu.


  1. Click on the + sign to add a printer from the Printers & Scanners page.

  1. Select the IP tab and type the name of the printer in the Address:. Please include the full address for the printer (include the, "").  Click on the up/down arrow to Change the Protocol: to Line Printer Daemon – LDP.

  1. Mac will automatically try to use a generic driver. Click on the up/down arrow from the Use: field and click Select Software…

  1. In the Printer Software window type Konica Minolta. Select your KM model and click OK.  Then click Add when you return to the Add printer window.

  1. Click OK at the Setting up window.

If your department uses account tracking, please follow the rest of the instructions to add the account track code.  If not then you are now finished and should be able to print to the Konica Minolta.

  1. Open Notes and go to File -> Print.

  1. Make sure the Konica Minolta you added is the selected printer.  Click on the up/down arrow under Scale and select Output Method.

  1. Once Output Method is click on the box next to Account Track.

  1. The Account Track window will open. Enter in your Account Track code under Password: and click on the box next to Save Settings:.  Click OK.

  1. Click on the up/down arrow for Presets: and select Save Current Settings as Preset…

  1. Type KM in the Preset Name: and select Only this printer for Preset Available For:. Click OK.



From here you can click Cancel or Print if you would like to print that current document.  You should be able to print without having to add the account track code.  If you are trying to print from Google Chrome on a Mac you will have to use the print dialog.  Google Chromes built in print preview will not allow you to print to the Konica Minolta.  For Instructions on disabling this feature in Google Chrome click here.

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