Email Security

Who can use Email Encryption

University of Wyoming email accounts with an Office 365 E3 license can use Office 365 Message Encryption (everyone with Voice Mail has an E3 license). Other users attempting to use the Message Encryption Service will receive a notification that the message was not encrypted or sent. Users without an Office 365 E3 license that need to send encrypted messages should contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance in purchasing an E3 license.

When should I use Email Encryption?

Office 365 Message Encryption should be used when sending sensitive information to users outside of UW that do not have a email address.  Email sent between users is transported via TLS for encryption and so message encryption is not required.  Office 365 Message Encryption should not be used when sending email to mailing lists as it will not function and will cause the message to be rejected.  This is a result of how UW does email list message routing.

How do I send an encrypted email:

Create the email as usual, including attachments, addressed to the recipient's email address and include WYOENCRYPT in the subject of the email.

Are there any special requirements to use Office 365 Message Encryption:

If you are using an IMAP client for email then in order to use Office 365 Message Encryption you must be using Office 365 as your outgoing SMTP server. For information on how to setup IMAP email clients to correctly use Office 365 please see

Are replies and forwarded messages encrypted:

Yes. Responses continue to be encrypted throughout the duration of the thread. Replies and forwarded messages sent to users with a email address will automatically be decrypted and viewable in their mailbox.

Can I read the encrypted messages on a mobile device:

Yes, you can view messages on Android and iOS by downloading the OME Viewer apps from the Google Play store and the Apple App store. Open the HTML attachment in the OME Viewer app and then follow the instructions to open your encrypted message. For other mobile devices, you can open the HTML attachment as long as your mail client supports Form Post.

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