Project Committed Costs Details Report

This guide will cover:

Step One

Navigating to the Transactional Table of Contents

  • Navigate to WyoCloud and click on the Reporting Table of Contents tile.

Step Two

Running the Project Committed Costs Details report

  • Under the "Grants Management - Awards and Projects" heading on the Table of Contents, click on Project Committed Costs Details.

  • The report page will open in a new tab.


Step Three

Narrowing Down the Report

  • You may use the following prompts to narrow the report to only display projects relevant to your needs.  It is recommended to prompt by project number. Note, in most cases you can leave a prompt blank or leave the default in any or all prompts. 

    • Project Number – Project number

    • Project Organization – Organization name of the department assigned to the project

    • Accounting Date From – Beginning accounting date for the expenditures

    • Accounting Date To – Ending accounting date for the expenditures

    • Expenditure Date From – Beginning expenditure date for expenditures

    • Expenditure Date To – Ending expenditure date for the expenditures.

    • Department Projects – The department name the project(s) is assigned to that will provide a listing of all organizations within that department and their projects

    • Subdivision Projects – The subdivision name the project(s) is assigned to that will provide a listing of all organizations and departments within that subdivision and their projects

  • After selecting desired prompts, click Apply


Step Four

Interpreting the Columns in the Report

  • The following columns are included:

Column Name

Column Definition

Project Number

Project number assigned

Project Name

Name of project

Project Organization

Organization name the project is assigned to

Accounting Date

Date when the transaction was accounted in  the general ledger (GL)

Expenditure Date

Date when the commitment cost was incurred

Commitment Number

Transaction number associated with the type of transaction (expense report number, purchase order number, sub-award contract number, invoice number, requisition number, etc.)

Commitment Requester

Name of the employee who requested the expenditure and cost

Expenditure Organization

Organization where the expenditure was charged to

PO Number for Supplier Invoice Commitments 

For PO invoices only, the PO number is provided

Expenditure Category

High level classification of expenditures (ex. Salaries, Wages, and Fringe Benefits)

Expenditure Type

Detailed classification of expenditures (ex. Fringe Rate)

Approved Status

Identifies whether the commitment transaction is approved or not.

Document Name

Type of document associated with the expenditure (ex. IDT, Expense Report, Miscellaneous Expenditure Burdened, etc.)

Supplier Name

Name of the supplier the expenditure is for


Line description associated with the expenditure

Burden Schedule

Also referred to as an indirect cost rate schedule on the award level, is an implementation-defined set of multipliers maintained for use across multiple awards. Users can define one or more schedules for use in costing and invoicing.

Unit Price

Price of per unit of the good ordered (note: this will be blank for services ordered)

Quantity Ordered

Number of items ordered for goods or amount of services

Amount Ordered

Total amount of goods/services ordered

Quantity Invoiced

Number of items received, or amount of services received that have been invoiced and payment initiated to supplier

Amount Invoiced

Total amount received, invoiced and payment initiated to supplier

Raw Cost Amount

Base cost of the item without any burden added to acquire the product/service

Burdened Cost Amount 

Refers to the total cost with any additional expenses 

Last Updated Date

The last date the committed transaction was updated

Last Updated By

The employee username of the person who last updated the committed transaction


Step Five

Exporting the data to Excel

  • The options to export and/or print are located on the top right side of the report.

    1. Click on the gear icon

    2. Hover over the Export option

    3. Click on Excel (*.xlsx)


You have now navigated to and ran the Project Committed Costs Details report.





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